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Karu Donaldson August 2, 2012 Tips & Tricks

A great system exists for sharing large amounts of files which we use internally.  The product is called Dropbox which allows us to share files easily with our clients and vice versa. It will save a lot of trouble.

Here's the link to join up: 

All you do is set it up on your computer, the default location for dropbox will be something like this: c:\users\username\dropbox 
Then copy files you want to share with us into a folder like this: 
right click on the "website" folder and choose the dropbox > share with specific people option enter the email address such as: user@snlnz.com and dropbox should open the website up and attempt to send an invite email to your shared folder.

If you ever wish to stop sharing just reverse the process. 
I hope this helps!

Karu Donaldson March 6, 2012 Tips & Tricks

Using the admin menu navigate to

  1. Site building > Blocks > list > SITENAME
  2. Scroll down to Front Page Image and click the "configure" link to the right. 
  3. When the editor loads up you'll see the front page image. 
  4. Right click to bring up a context menu > click "image properties" > click "Browse server" 
  5. When the file browser opens up, click upload then "add files" 
  6. Find the new image to upload and click "open" 
  7. Click the "upload" button to the right of the file browser 
  8. Your file should upload and appear in the window pane below. You can right click your image here and resize it to 800width by 598height unselect create new image 
  9. Click ok and double click your newly resized image to select it and it will appear in the original editor > click save at the bottom of the page 

    That's it!


Karu Donaldson March 2, 2012 Tips & Tricks

To change a link is really easy, just log in first:

1) Go to the Links page
2) Click Edit under the Links Title
3) In the Editor window that appears, find the link you wish to change and double click the link
4) A window appears prompting for the link address which is where you can change it.
5) Click OK, then scroll down the bottom of the page and hit save.

That's it! 

Karu Donaldson February 9, 2012 4 Announcements

When Microsoft have released Security Essentials which essentially is the all-in-one solution for antivirus products on workstations running Windows XP and above.  

Karu Donaldson February 9, 2012 1 Tips & Tricks

It might be useful for only a handful of people but none the less, here's how you do it.

Assume you are at the user login screen and you can't login because you've forgotten your password?
Don't worry, you can hit the link that says "Request a new password" and a link will be sent to your email address with a link back to the website that includes a password reset token.  

When you click the link and visit the page, you will be prompted to login and reset your password immediately.  Simply enter your new password in twice and your away again.

It's really that simple!